PIT - Crossborder Programme Activities

New touring territory

In the scope of the 2007-2013 Alcotra Program, developed by the European Union to encourage crossborder cooperation between Italy and France, the Province of Cuneo and the Conseil Général des Alpes de Haute Provence are developing an Integrated Crossborder Program called "New Touring Territory".
Its aim is to promote a model of integrated and sustainable tourism, based on the economic valorisation of a common heritage made up of a still intact natural environment, quality agrifood productions and shared cultural traditions.
Through its five strictly interwoven project initiatives, this integrated cross-border programme aims at progressively qualifying the territory according to sustainable development principles, in order to create a crossborder tourism area where the variety of proposals will be an incentive for  the visitor to come and discover new emotions.

Some practical data

The area concerned by this ICP covers the department of the Alpes de Haute-Provence and the province of Cuneo, a territory which stretches over nearly 14 000 km2, inhabited by 722 000 people and made up of 450 municipalities, of which more than half have a population of under 500 inhabitants.
In the province of Cuneo there are six active mountain communities and four in the Unions of Municipalities and Hill Municipalities.
In the department of the Alpes de Haute-Provence there are twenty-one communities of municipalities, which group together 146 municipalities.

Living heritage itineraries

Aim to create a touring cultural and tourism product which offers the discovery of the most charming villages in both territories, by networking and developing a coordinated programme of valorisation and community management of the heritage.
Activities heritage rehab pilot sites, organisation of crossborder workshops to exchange good practices.

Cultural itineraries

Aim to improve the cultural offer of the territory through the creation of a permanent governance crossborder body.
The model provides for the building of the cultural initiative using mediation with local communities via cultural development agents on strong identity subjects.
Activities organisation of cultural events.

Wide-open spaces touring : outdoor activities

Aim to create a touring tourism area by encouraging green mobility (on foot, on horseback and by bike), through the development of a network of multifunctional crossborder itineraries, the development of common reception standards and the exchange of know-how.
Activities the promotion of a common hiking tourism offer through organized trails, itineraries and crossings.

A trip on the theme of local produce, tastes and flavourss

Aim to create a cross-border sector which will orient the economic activities towards sustainable and quality tourism through the valorisation of local produce and the territories from which it comes.
Activities promotion of a farmer’s market and the development of the short sector from a local point of view, and also through the implication of the tourist reception structures.

New touring territory

Aim to romote the « new touring territory » through tourism and cultural valorisation initiatives which aim to create a unique and shared identity of a new cross-border tourism area.
Activities emphasize all the planned project initiatives which, by engaging in one coordinated  promotion action alone, find their coherence and value, by returning a common image of the crossborder territory concerned.


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